Adelaide has many accommodation options for international students. Most of our students choose to either live on-campus at the University, or off-campus in one of the nearby suburbs.

Living On Campus

The Flinders campus is safe, affordable and convenient. By living on-campus at Flinders Living, you will be part of a diverse community of students from across Australia and over 30 countries worldwide.


Temporary Accommodation

If you have not arranged long-term accommodation in Adelaide, it is essential to book temporary accommodation before your arrival. Please make youwpengr own temporary accommodation arrangements and bookings, as the University does not run a temporary accommodation booking service.

Living Off Campus

With Flinders University’s convenient location and so many transport and accommodation options available, living off-campus is easy. If you plan to live in off campus rental accommodation, we recommend that you do not sign any agreement before you come to Australia and have seen the property for yourself.

The majority of students live in suburbs along the major transport corridors of South Road, Fiveash Drive, Goodwood Road or Sturt Road. City accommodation is often on a direct bus route to the Bedford Park campus.

Suburbs close to Flinders University, Bedford Park campus and accessible by public transport are Bedford Park, Clovelly Park, Edwardstown, Melrose Park, St Marys, Mitchell Park, Flagstaff Hill, Panorama, Pasadena and Sturt. Some students choose to buy a car, which broadens their options. The beachside suburbs of Brighton and Glenelg are popular. Suburbs between Bedford Park and Victoria Square campus are Mile End, Plympton, Cumberland Park, Goodwood and Camden Park.

Flinders Living runs a free service that lists the private rental accommodation available in the local area. They can also provide advice on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Other useful sites to find off-campus accommodation include:

What kind of off-campus accommodation is right for you?

Decide what type of accommodation is right for you with our easy flowchart below.

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